Dark Side of Dairy Industry: Harsh Truth About Favourite Milk

Milk and other dairy product are daily essentials for many peoples. It has a good source of vitamins for the human body as per our understanding. The dairy industry processes raw milk into butter, cheese, cream, yogurt, ghee, condensed milk, dried milk, ice cream, chocolate, and many more. We love to consume every product. How is a dairy farm getting milk in a large amount? Do they have a milk-making machine?

Dairy farms use cows to produce milk. Cows are acting as a machine for dairy farms. Cows are objects for them. How a living animal can be a machine?

How cows are treated in Dairy Industry?

Due to the increased demand for milk and other dairy products, dairy companies use unusual practices to meet people’s demands.

  • To produce more milk than they naturally would, they fed chicken feathers, fish, antibiotics, hormones. Because the usual diet of cow is grass doesn’t produce the milk that the industry demands.
  • Artificial insemination to make her pregnant which in terms of human is rape.
  • She gives birth again and again and the cycle continues.
  • Suction pipes are attached to automate the milking procedure.

Broken Family

Heartwarming bonding between a mother and her newborn child separates after one or two days. The calf never sees his/her mother again. If it is a male calf he will end up in a slaughterhouse and if female then will be ready to feed humans. A cow will have to go through this painful process every year of life.

Brutally kill

A cow can live up to 20-25 years but it is reduced to 5-7 years. When she stops producing milk they are of no use to farm owners. She is slaughtered at 4-7 years old. Because she is no longer a profit-making machine. To fulfill human desire for a glass of milk they are suffering whole life.

Dairy cows kept continually pregnant in order to maximize milk production. Mother and calves are separated within 24 hours of birth. One question should be in your mind that where are all the bulls? Our cows are giving birth to the only female calves?

Reality of bulls/male calves/bullocks

If we go anywhere in the cities, villages, dairy farms we only see cows. One question should be in your mind that, are cows giving birth only to females? The answer is NO because like humans and any other animals cows also have both male and female calves. All the animals and birds are somehow dependent on humans. We humans ruling over them.

Only 28 percent of male bovines in India. Bulls, male calves, bullocks are no longer useful for humans because we have alternatives available like tractors replaced bull carts. Males became meat for human consumption as females are valuable for milking and breeding. As per census data, male buffaloes declined 17.8 percent to just 16 million while females increased 7.99 percent to 92 million. The productive female bovines are valuable but the males are nearly worthless if they cannot be slaughtered or sold.

The number of males is reducing day by day because they need a place and food without any output. Productivity decreases for the poor farmers and farm owners.

Myths about Milk

Yes….. Milk is nature’s best food. Cows’ milk is best for their babies not for humans. All the health benefits that we know about milk are myths. Now is the time to remove all myths so that one can see how much suffering a sip of milk has. One sip of milk contains growth hormones, cholesterol, allergenic proteins, antibiotics, bacteria, and viruses.

  • Milk produces strong bones
  • It is the best source of calcium
  • Nature’s best food
  • Kids need milk to be healthy

Beef exports in India

India is the 3rd largest exporter of beef in the world after Brazil and Australia. India exported 1,400,000 metric ton beef in 2020 which contributes 13.14 percent of world beef export.

What is the solution?

The solution is simple, avoid milk and other dairy products. Switch to healthier alternatives. For calcium intake. Wholesome foods, nuts, beans, rice are great sources of proteins and vitamins.

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

Mahatma Gandhi

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