Beginners guide to Start Sustainable Lifestyle 2022

How to Start Sustainable Lifestyle for beginners in 2022

Do you know living a sustainable lifestyle can save the environment?

Do you know humans and nature are directly connected?

Ha ha, I know that….

That may come to your mind, Right! As this is common sense.

Yeah, this is the problem: we know everything but do nothing. It’s like we do study only to pass the exam but don’t know where to apply.

Everyone knows that we are destroying our life along with the environment. It can be easily identified with the increase in pandemics, diseases, health issues.

All these things happen because of our bad habit called “LAZINESS & NEGLIGENCE.” Yes, it is Laziness, and it affects the environment.

This is how

When you order online- creates plastic waste, burns fuel
Buying a water bottle- generates single-use plastic,
Going to market without a bag- creates unnecessary waste

Isn’t it due to laziness and negligence?

One thing I completely understand is that, Now, most of the time we spend on office, work, travel, meetings and this changed our way of living. It may not be possible to live a completely sustainable lifestyle but you can start small.

With work, lifestyle, our health is also important. Why do we often take our health for granted?

When only minor changes in our lifestyle can lead to a greater impact on our bodies and nature.

Why sustainable lifestyle is important?

When I started thinking about a sustainable lifestyle, it was quite overwhelming for me. This is because I wanted to change and follow everything at once.

In the beginning, no need to buy anything. Use whatever you have at your home. But be mindful of your next purchase.

A sustainable lifestyle has lots of personal benefits and is also helpful for nature.

In simple words, Sustainability is a lifestyle that aims to reduce environmental impacts. It can reduce pollution, water & chemical use, carbon emission, and waste reduction.

Here are some easiest steps to start a sustainable lifestyle

1. Tiny steps at a time

I started this practice with a bamboo toothbrush, and it was quite easier for me. Instead of buying a plastic toothbrush, I bought a Bamboo one. That’s it.

Slowly I changed my buying habits.

You can also start with the same way,

Buy an energy efficiency bulb (when you need to change),
Drink tap water instead of bottled water,
Buy things when you need them.

Be conscious while buying anything, focus on your needs, forget about what you want.

2. Shop Locally

Every order we place online generate plastic waste and burn fuel to reach our doorstep.

Shop groceries, fruits, and vegetables from the local stores. Instead of ordering online, you can go to your local market with a reusable bag and buy from them; it is fresh and cheap. This helps our local community, vendors, and farmers.

Also, try to buy seasonal and local fruits and vegetables. Don’t pick fancy fruits which are not produced in your country.

3. Make your own food

There is no comparison between home-cooked foods. If the food has mother’s touch, the taste is unimaginable. It is healthy and tasty for our bodies and the earth.

But, when we go to restaurants, there we often order more than we eat and we end up with over-eating or food waste. That doesn’t mean that don’t go to restaurants at all. You just need to reduce the time.

4. Go for a walk

If you go to the gym five days a week, you can reduce it to 4 times. Because the gym requires electricity, avoiding one day can reduce carbon footprint. 

I prefer going for a walk to a garden as it provides fresh air and helps to connect with nature. By doing this you can reduce small footprints.

5. Avoid unhealthy/ packaged foods

Most of the packaged foods come with dual offers, harming health and the environment.

To increase self-life, packaged foods have added preservatives, additives, chemicals, artificial colours.

These were never our foods. Why buy a disease with our hard-earned money and then pay the doctor. However, we can make delicious foods in our kitchen with a little effort.

6. Take your own water bottle

Do you know, when water is stored in a plastic bottle for a longer time, Plastic leaches into the water. That means you are drinking plastic substances along with the water.

So, buy steel, copper, or a glass bottle now and carry them when you go outside. If you are unwilling to buy now, you can reuse a plastic bottle and save your money. This will help to reduce waste.

7. Reuse whatever you have

Living sustainably doesn’t mean that you need to buy cool glass jars, live in a wooden house, buying sustainable products; it means using whatever you have. If you have plastic jars, plastic bottles can be used to store goods in the kitchen.

Use your creativity to reuse as much as you can, don’t discard and buy new things.

8. Recycle

There is always something in our house that can be recycled, e.g., plastic bottles. But we often discard them thinking of unnecessary stuff.

Instead, collect all these for a longer time and sell or donate them to the recyclers.

Throwing this plastic pollutes our water bodies, generates microplastics and affects marine life.

9. Stay away from microbeads

Microbeads manufactured for industrial use. It is mostly found in cosmetics, personal care products, tea bags, toothpaste.

Microbeads are microplastics that are more dangerous than plastic bottles as they end up directly in the water bodies. Some scrubbers, shower gel, toothpaste contains microbeads.

Try to avoid commercial cosmetics products if possible. Otherwise, choose natural products that are easily available in the market.

10. Support sustainable brands

Whenever you want to buy something, check for sustainable options. In this way, we can support sustainable brands, and also it will be helpful to reduce carbon footprint.

Sustainable business has a very narrow market. They need your help to sustain their business. So, always try to help them as much as possible.

Isn’t it easy to follow these steps?

All the points discussed are very easy and only need a small effort. I know it will take some of the time; in fact, you need to be mindful while purchasing. But, this is going to save your lots of money.

Your small effort will help local businesses, farmers, sustainable businesses. Most important it has a positive impact on the environment; in return, you will get a healthy body.

So, when are you starting this sweet journey for the environment?

Feel free to share your thoughts/ arguments below in the comment section…..

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