How Meat Industry Contributes to Global Warming

How Meat Industry Contributes to Global Warming?

Most of us have no idea about the connection between the meat industry and global warming. But, yes, you heard right; our favourite burger can lead to global warming. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) report, farm animals contribute 18% of our global warming emissions.

Don’t worry if you are eating meat; you can save tons of greenhouse gases each year by avoiding meat. This is a best practice we should start implementing from now on for the sake of the environment.

The connection between the meat industry and global warming

Meat is dangerous but the more dangerous is industrial meat because of the environmental factors. The majority of meat that we eat is produced on farms. These farms are acts as destruction for the ecosystem.

Every supermarket and fast-food chain are buying meat from the largest meat processing units like JBS.

This industry requires a large amount of land to grow crops for the farm animals and graze animals. This is one of the main reasons for cutting trees and forest burn which leads to deforestation.

There are lots of reasons why industrial meats are not good for humans health and the planet. We will discuss how it harms our eco-system

1. Forest Fire and Deforestation

Yes, this is the saddest truth, some people intentionally do forest fires to run their meat business. It is because of cattle and growing animal feed like soya. Globally, the major source of deforestation is our favourite hamburger.

Beef and animal feed is the main reason for deforestation. According to a report by World Resource Institute, the loss of the total forests between 2019 and 2020 increased by 12 per cent.

In fact, agriculture is the topmost source among all the causes for deforestation which is 40 per cent and among all the commodities beef stays in the first place. Only beef is responsible for 36 per cent of all agricultural linked deforestation.

Total forest replacement by commodities.
Source: World Resources Institute

2. Meat Industry leads to Climate Change

We all know, the importance of healthy and robust trees for the environment. They are essential to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. If we cut them for any reason they can’t help us to protect from climate change.

The meat industry’s impact on the climate is nearly equivalent to all the vehicles and planes in the world. Tons of carbon dioxides are released into the atmosphere by cutting trees and destroying forests for the meat. Sometimes fallen branches are getting rotten in the forest or some people burned them. All these man-made activities lead to global warming.

3. Amazon Rainforest would dry out

The World’s largest rainforest, which is almost two times India’s area, will be dry out. Scientists say the reason could be climate change, deforestation, and forest fire.

The reason behind the amazon rain forest trees are healthy is because trees in that forest have their own rainfall. If deforestation continues in such a way the amazon rainforest will hit a tipping point. And, this forest will no longer be a rain forest.

We all know who is going to be suffering? Obviously, humans and animals who are directly or indirectly depend on the forest.

4. Killing Wildlife animals

We enjoy visiting a zoo, looking at animals. But do you know why they are in the zoo? Because of humans. They became showpieces for us. We destroyed their homes which are forests.

There is no doubt that the wild animals live in the forest and when we cut the trees all the habitats will be completely invisible. It means eating meat kills wildlife too.

5. No point in eating Meat

Generally, farm animals eat soy, corn, and other pulses. All these foods that farm animals eat, these foods are also suitable for humans to fulfil hunger and get enough nutrients.

I am saying there is no point to eat meat because we do lots of activities starting from farms to slaughterhouses, their food, agriculture, deforestation, forest fire just to eat meat.

To produce one kilogram of chicken we need 3.2 kilograms of the crop. Just to eat meat we are destroying the ecosystems. If everyone will switch to a plant-based diet we can save areas that are similar to China, Europe, Australia and the US.

Water requirements of our foods

Water requirement of our food. Check out these statistics which shows water required to produce 1 kg foods in litres

We all know that agriculture requires fresh groundwater. Less we consume meat and dairy products, less will be the use of water. Otherwise, the earth is going to face a larger water crisis in future which is beyond our imagination.

What is the solution?

The solution is to switch to plant-based foods. This is the only viable solution. Non-vegetarians always think that the only source of protein is meat. But vegetarians and vegans have found lots of solutions for that. One of the main protein sources is soya for vegans and vegetarians.

Did you know the demand for soya increased seventy per cent in the last ten years? Not because the people are eating less meat but the demand for meat increases day by day. Ninety per cent of soya is used for animal feed.

According to Ayurveda, we should consume foods that are very less harmful to others.

There are so many alternatives that we need to adopt in our lifestyle for better health and better earth.


Everyone has an equal right to choose the best food for themselves and their family. But, if you think deeply can understand the meaning of real life.

Some people would say enjoy everything, this is the only one life. I think this is true we need to enjoy every moment of life as this is the only life for us on the earth. But, we shouldn’t destroy the earth for our own enjoyment.

We need to make better earth for upcoming generations. We have to adopt a sustainable lifestyle thinking about all the creatures, animals, birds and who are part of the earth.

Please tell us your opinion about how to solve issues of the meat industry and what government can do to lower consumption? Is it required to be a part of the education system?

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