Two Lakh Trees To Be Cut For Diamond Mining In MP

3.42 Crore carat diamond estimated to be in the Chhattarpur, Madhya Pradesh. It will be the largest mine in the country. More than 2 lakh trees to be cut for the mining operation. Also, the mining area is under the Bundelkhand region which is known to be a drought-prone area. The impact on the ecosystem may be very high because of deforestation.

Aditya Birla Group’s Essel Mining won the bid at 55,000 crores for the period of 50 years. The state government will get royalty 41.55 percent royalty. 62.24 hectares of land required for the mining operation. Also, the company has asked 382.13 hectares of forest land for diamond processing and polishing near the mine.

This forest land has a total of 2,15,875 trees. Most of them are rare and unique found only in this region. Wildlife animals like deer, sambhar, leopard, peacock as per report by ecology and mining MP in 2017 but as per the latest report, there are no wildlife exists.

Ken Betwa river interlinking project, Bundelkhand express highway construction and now Diamond mining contributes huge deforestation in the Bundelkhand region. This can have a major impact on agriculture and groundwater.

India’s wildlife protection in the hands of those people who don’t care about the environment. Company CEOs are often head of the wildlife board. That helps the government to approve all the environment-related clearances.

Indian economic growth is totally dependent upon development because it creates jobs that help people. Need to think about such a type of growth that is not destructive for the environment. As deforestation leads to soil erosion, global warming, air pollution, reduces rainfall, land degradation. One major problem is for animals because their natural habitat destroys. Without habitat, the animal has no place to live and breed. It causes the extinction of animals.

At last which is more important for you development or environment or both. Share your opinion below in the comment section.

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